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Signage — 1,2,3

2011 January 28
by retailvisioning

The signage outside your store is one of your most important design elements — and marketing tools – so it is important to think carefully about signage as a program – not a single sign.   Naturally, the look of your signs should reflect the identity of your store so that at a quick glance, customers will know something about your business.   That is a whole blog in itself.  But assuming you have a look for your signs that reflects your value proposition, let’s think about where your signs should go.

Some customers will drive by… and some will walk by.  The scale of your signage program should work for both.  A large sign on the building with just your name will work for folks in cars looking down the street, but a smaller sign, on the door or on windows perhaps providing more detailed information about your business should also be part of your signage program.   A café for example could screen their windows with:

Coffee & Tea — Breakfast – Sandwiches – Catering – Baked Goods

You can also catch people’s attention with blade signs protruding from the building.  All 3 of these elements together make an effective signage program – a way to attract customers approaching your front door from anywhere!

good multiple=And for some, there is one more signage opportunity.  Do you have parking (with or without a door into your store) behind your building?  Be sure to add signage to the back of the building with an arrow through to the front door or directly over the back door.  Another customer, from another direction!


BONUS TIP: Customers who might come out to find you using Mapquest or their GPS need to know your street address.  Be sure it is noticeable from the front of the building either right next to the front door or on the door itself.  And if you have a website with the hopes of driving customers to your brick and mortar shop… post a picture of the front of your store on your HOME page with the address and a link to Mapquest right on your CONTACT US page to make finding you easy!


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