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Good for you!  You want to be the best you can be! 

This handy little self-assessment booklet will positively help you realize which areas of your store’s presentation and/or promotion need to be improved.  There are 60 questions in these pages and wherever you find yourself checking off “NO” … well, that is where you should be putting some effort!  There are examples of what things SHOULD be like… and tips on HOW to get there… then, it is up to you to DO it!

Topics covered include: Building Exterior, Store Façade, Windows, Exterior Signage, Interior Design, Layout, Visual Merchandising, Outreach, Promotion and Print as well as Internet Marketing. 

Wishing you every success!

– Chris Moynihan 

PDF Download – $3.95

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Hard Copy 10-Packs – $35.00 + shipping

Choose quantity on next screen. If you choose “3” we will ship you 30 printed copies of the workbook.

Discounted pricing available for orders  of 100 or more books – please call 617-651-0921

We knew we wanted to make some updates to our retail business but we weren’t sure where to start. Then, we were given A Retailer’s Gut Check at a workshop sponsored by our town! Answering the questions was a wonderful exercise and it didn’t take long for us to realize that we actually had some terrific opportunities for improvement in a few key areas. This booklet helped us prioritize the updates that we should make so we could have the greatest and most positive impact on our store!

Faith & Susan, owners    Abigail’s Children’s Boutique  Wellesley, MA


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